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Saturday afternoon at 12:04 pm I got the text that Greg and Katye were heading to Hoag Hospital in Newborn Beach, CA.  I quickly changed my plans for the day, heading to the store to get grocery shopping done and clean the house.  Grab my camera bag and hit the road.  I live in Corona, CA and with no traffic to Newborn Beach is 40 minutes.  I did not want to chance missing the birth, oh how wrong I would be, so I rushed to the hospital.

I few months back I was contacted by Katye and Greg to take part in their very special day, the birth of their daughter.  I remember clearly sitting in Starbucks in Long Beach the first day that we met talking about their birth to come which was still 3 month away.  As the days grew closer I would check in with the expecting couple and see how they were doing, and would get the normal response doing good, just waiting for things to start.  Morning of Katye’s due date I decided to see how she was doing, my text was “update?” and their response was on the way to the hospital.

When I arrived at Hoag a little over an hour later Katye was still in triage waiting to see if she was going to make any change.  When she was brought to labor and delivery (shortly before I arrived) she was only at 1 cm, so they wanted to see if she would make change in an hour so they could admit her.  I arrived with 40 minutes until the next exam.  We sat and chatted between each contraction and enjoyed the views from the room.  Finally 2 pm arrives and the nurse comes in to check Katye…

No progress 🙁

Though Katye was contracting every 1.5-3 minutes she was discharged and told to return to the hospital when the contractions got worse.  Are you kidding me, she was having real contractions.  So we left.  Katye was hungry so I suggested let’s get some food in her, go for a small walk and see where we were since I lived a good distance away.  So off we drive to McDonald’s to get a hamburger which is what Katye was craving at the time.  As soon as we were getting out of the cars I knew that the contractions had changed, the smiley Katye from triage was now in tears with each contraction.  We still got food as we all knew we were possibly facing a very long road ahead.  With each contraction they were getting worse and Katye’s back labor was terrible.  We rushed through food and back to the hospital.

When I arrived back at the hospital (I had to get a charger for my cellphone I was as 2%) Katye was just getting checked into triage again.  This is maybe an hour later, Katye is now standing in the room moving with each contraction and me rubbing her back to help with the pain.  Finally the nurse comes in and checks her tight 3 cm 60% effaced …

We can stay!!!

They move us to her labor room, get her on monitors, ask a million questions and then asks them again.  Finally Katye can walk , nurses allow to let her move around and try to get through these terrible back labor contractions.  So we begin walking the halls, 40 minutes of walking.  I was taking pictures and rubbing her back, she was going to go without meds!  The next check Katye decides she would rather stay in the room then walk the halls.  She is making slow progress but doing a great job!  I recommend trying to sit on the birthing ball to be about to move a little easier with the contractions and for a while that really seemed to help, she found her happy place and would just go there with each contraction.  Then out of no where the contractions got a TON worse…

Katye laboring

PEACHES…for those of you that don’t know that is from the movie ‘Ice Age’, it was Katye’s word she was to say if she could not take it anymore.  Epidural administered and she was back to smiley and happy Katye.  It is now 10:15 pm Katye is at 7.5-8 cm and 80% effaced.   (last two images are post epidural).

11:30 pm Katye is checked again, she has reached a solid 8 cm.  Getting closer.

1:15 am feeling pressure that she might be ready to push.  Nurse checks her and she is ready to go!  Nurse does a test push with Katye and she is a champ at it, moves Liana down amazingly with each push.  Doctor is called and we are ready to go.

Pushing and delivery

When doctor arrives, Katye shows him how well she can push and they get everything ready!  Katye does amazing at pushing and Liana is here is just a few minutes!  1:56am the doctor calls out “time of birth”  Beautiful little girl, mom is doing great and dad is smiling from ear to ear.

Welcome Liana!

Happy Birthday sweet Liana!  I was honored to photograph you coming into this world!  Katye and Greg you are amazing parents, watching your strength through the whole delivery was amazing!  Your faith in the Lord is very clear around you both.   Congratulations on your sweet little girl!

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