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2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in Review…thank you to all of my amazing clients!View full post »

Emily {Newborn} | Corona Premier Newborn Photographer

Emily Newborn Session | Corona Premier Newborn PhotographerView full post »

Kirstin Burrows Photography 2014 Year in Review

Kirstin Burrows Photography | 2014 Year in ReviewView full post »

Delaney & Delilah {Newborn} | Corona Premier Multiples Photographer

Delaney and Delilah are about the cutest twin sisters I have ever gotten to work with!  These two were happiest whenView full post »

Dominik {Newborn} | Corona Newborn Photographer

Dominik was an amazing 14 day new little man to come into the studio.  He fell asleep right after eating and was aView full post »

Reese {Newborn} | Corona Newborn Photographer

I first worked with Nicole when she had her twins and I got to photograph them.  When she told me that she wasView full post »

2013 in Review

I had such a great 2013, here is an image from every session in that year, or at least I hope I did not miss someone!View full post »

Sonora {Newborn} | Corona Premier Newborn Photographer

When I photographed Sonora’s momma Jenna maternity session a few months back I knew that I was going to beView full post »

Ethan {Newborn} | Corona Premier Newborn Photographer

Ethan was a true gem to get to work with, once he was out he was out.  Spent all nice and comfy during his session andView full post »

Keegan & Zooey {Newborn Twins} | Corona Premier Newborn Photographer

A couple of months back I did a giveaway for a gift session and Sarah, Zooey and Keegan’s mom won the session.View full post »

Machenzie {Newborn} | Corona Newborn Photographer

Recently I had the honor of photographing Machenzie, a true miracle of God. She was born at 29 weeks weighing 2 lbs 11View full post »

Cade {Newborn} | Corona Newborn Photographer

Cade is such an adorable little man, I loved getting to work with all of his adorable rolls.  His parents are HUGEView full post »

William {Newborn} | San Diego Newborn Photographer

I am so honored to be this amazing families photographer!  I have done many sessions for them from a family session toView full post »

Liana {Newborn} | Corona Newborn Photographer

I got to photograph Liana’s entrance into this world so when she came to the studio for her newborn session IView full post »

Hadley {Newborn} | Downey Newborn Photographer

I have been the friend with the photographer behind Higgy Baby Photography for a little over a year.  I was so veryView full post »

Mia & Esme {Newborn} | Corona Newborn Twin Photographer

When I first got the call about these two sweet little girls I was over the moon.  I adore all of my clients, thoughView full post »

Thomas Twins {Newborn} | San Clemente Newborn Photographer

A while back I photographed triple newborn boys, a good friend of theirs contacted me and was pregnant with twins.  SoView full post »

Iman {Newborn} | Corona Newborn Photographer

Iman was the ideal newborn client she would fall asleep and sleep so good that I was able to just go quickly fromView full post »

Katie {Birth} | Newport Beach Birth Photographer

Saturday afternoon at 12:04 pm I got the text that Greg and Katye were heading to Hoag Hospital in Newborn Beach, CA.View full post »

Evan {Newborn} | Corona Newborn Photographer

At 6 weeks new Evan was an amazing subject. I loved getting to photograph him and his sister together! Though he wasView full post »

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